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What size tank do you have?

Let us know how big your tank is! We will choose a selection of plants to suit your tank size!

What is your experience level?

Let us know where to begin! How much experience do you have?

What is your light intensity?

How much light do you plants get?

CO2 or No CO2?

Do you run a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) injection into your aquarium? You may have heard this described as High-Tech (Yes CO2) or Low-Tech (No CO2).

Tank Mates.

Use this step to let us know who's living in your aquarium. Tank mates may include turtles, goldfish, cichlids, plecos, angelfish, guppies, etc.

Select Your Hardscape

Select hardscape to add dimension to your tank

Select Your Accessories

Select tools, decor and more to build your tank.

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