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Duckweed 4 oz Portion Cup - Pond Season Special

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Size: Portion Cup

Lemna minor, also commonly known as duckweed, as an easily adaptable, fast and easy-growing plant. It is a floating plant that produces a root-like structure that hangs underneath. 

Due to its fast growth, its great for tanks with a heavy bio load. Its also great for ponds! Though, you will also need to regularly remove duckweed so it does not completely take over your pond or aquarium.

Many species of aquatic life, including koi fish, gold fish, and turtles, will happily eat duckweed to help with population control.

Common Name: Duckweed
Family Name: Lemnaceae
Native To: Worldwide
Lighting: Medium
Growth Demands: Easy
Growth Form: Surface
Growth Rate: Very Fast
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Surface
Available As: Bareroot


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