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Turtle Safe Aquatic Plant Packs

Size: Small

Turtles love live plants too! We have created this pack featuring turtle safe live plants. Each pack contains plants that will help oxygenate the water, provide some plants for them to munch on, and will help to create a natural habitat. All of the plants in this turtle plant pack are non-toxic to turtles. 

Small Pack

2 Hornworts
2 Java Ferns
1 Amazon Swords
1 Red Ludwigia
1 Moss Balls
2 Dwarf Hairgrass

Large Pack

2 Hornworts
2 Java Ferns
2 Amazon Swords
2 Anubias Barteri
2 Red Ludwigia
2 Moss Balls
4 Dwarf Hairgrass

* We were informed that zebra mussels can only survive out of water for 30 days. We keep our moss balls in a 42 degree cooler and they are there for several months at a time, so if zebra mussels are found in our moss balls they are most likely dead. However, we are going to err on the side of caution and suspend moss balls sales until the situation can be assessed further. We are actively working with local and national scientists to find a solution and will keep you updated as we find out more.

*Please note: Due to availability, some items may be substituted for similar turtle safe plants