Anubias Hastifolia

Anubias hastifolia is distinguished by its arrowhead-shaped leaves. This easy growing anubias is great when attached to hardscape. 

Common Name: Anubias hastifolia
Family Name: Araceae
Native To: Africa
Lighting: Low - Medium
pH: 6 - 8
Growth Demands:
Growth Form: Spreading Rhizome
Growth Rate: Slow
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Mid - Background
Available As: Bare Root, Potted, On Driftwood

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Frank F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Lost and Found

My experience with Wet Plants had a shakey start; 3 of 4 plants dead on arrival, but true to their word they were all replaced promptly. All the replacements were excellent plants, mature with good root development. I am looking forward to my next order.

Frank F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Consult your memory.

Well, all but two of them were DOA. I planted one of the DOA’s but it didn’t survive. The Anubias is doing fine and it is a very good plant. Back on August 23, 2020, I sent you photos of their condition upon arrival and you Assured me that you had a 100% guarantee but I have not seen any replacement plants. I would try your product again since the quality of your plants is good but they should arrive alive.

Stacey G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Little wilted

I was excited when my plants arrived. When I opened the box they looked very wilted and they were hot. I noticed a pkg to keep them cool, but it was warm as well. crossed it lives