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Bucaphalandra Green Wavy

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Size: potted

Bucephalandra 'Green Wavy'

Common Name: Bucephalandra 'Green Wavy'
Family Name: Araceae
Native To: Asia
Lighting: Low
pH: 5-8 
Growth Demands: Easy
Growth Form: Rhizome
Growth Rate: Slow
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Foreground
Available As: Potted

Bucephalandra ‘Green Wavy’ is usually found in nature growing on rocks or wood on the edge of rivers and streams. The care and use is much like the care and use of Anubias in the aquarium. Bucephalandra ‘Green Wavy’ is an easy, slow-growing plant that thrives in lower light levels. With its wavy green leaves it is a great addition to any aquarium.