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Potted Aquatic Plants Bulk Box

Potted Aquatic Plants Bulk Box

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A Plant Package for those looking to purchase potted fully aquatic plants in bulk! On average, retail value for 25 Potted Aquatic Plants is $199.75; average retail value for 50 Potted Aquatic Plants is $399.50!

In this box you will receive a random, diverse assortment of Medium Fully Aquatic Potted plants from our inventory. 

About the bulk box:

  • These are Medium-sized fully aquatic potted plants, planted in rock wool in 2" plastic pots.
  • Each plant will vary in size, with plants as small as 1.5" in height to as tall as 14" in height.
  • You can expect to receive multiples of the same species. For example, a box of 25 potted plants might include 5 Bacopa Monnieri, 5 Cryptocoryne Spiralis, 5 Amazon Swords, 5 Hygrophilla Compacta, and 5 Vallisneria Italian.
  • Plants will be labeled.
  • Specific plant requests are not guaranteed. Bulk Boxes are picked from current availability. However, please include in the order notes if you have broader requests. For example, low-light plants, background plants, swords, bunches, more variety vs. less variety, etc. We cannot guarantee all of the plants will meet your broader request, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

What you can expect:

  • Plant types may include, but are not limited to, a combination of sword plants, cryptocorynes, stem plants, water ferns, anubias', bulbs, etc.
  • A 25 Potted Plant Box will generally have 5 different aquatic plants species in quantities of 5 potted plants. More or less variety may be added by request or based on what's available.
  • A 50 Potted Plant Box will generally have 10 different aquatic plants species in quantities of 5 potted plants. More or less variety may be added by request or based on what's available.
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you accept your plants on the first delivery attempt and find that they did not survive the shipment, please take a photo of the deceased plants within 12 hours of delivery, and, submit a claim by clicking HERE. Please have the email you completed the purchase with and your order number ready. When prompted, please select 'Damaged' as your reason. 

  • Hitchhiker Warning

    We recommend cleaning all plants before adding them to your tank. We regularly perform quality checks prior to shipping plants. However, we cannot guarantee our plants to be snail or hitchhiker-free. If you do not want to risk snails, please consider rinsing plants, conducting a bleach dip, or quarantining plants prior to adding them in your aquarium. Snails are a natural part of working with live plants.