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Foxtail Tubercalatum Bunch Plant

Foxtail Tubercalatum Bunch Plant

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Myriophyllum tuberculatum 'Red' (also known as red watermilfoil, red myrio, and red foxtail) is a stunning  stem plant with vibrant orange and red colors, and soft feather-like leaves. This plant would make for a beautiful accent in traditional green aquascapes.

However, the red myrio is as high-demanding as it is beautiful, and may be better suited for more experienced aquarists.

This plant requires soft water, highly intense lighting (at least 0.8 watts/liter), and a nutrient-rich substrate and water column. Also, a CO2 supplement is highly recommended. Failure to meet this plant's ideal environment will cause its growth to stunt and turn its bright red leaves into a dark rusty brown.

Those who adhere to this plant's high demands will be rewarded with a flowy, fast-growing plant with colors that make it resemble a cloud of fire in your aquarium. 

When established and thriving, Red Myrio is one of the prettiest plants in the hobby.

*This is a special order product. Therefore, the minimum order quantity for Myriophyllum red is 6 bunches.

Common Name: Myriophyllum tuberculatum ‘red’
Family Name: Haloragaceae
Native To: India
Lighting: High
pH: 7.0
Growth Demands: Difficult
Growth Form: Stem
Growth Rate: Fast
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement In Tank: Background
Available As: Bunch

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