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Rotala Magenta Bunch Plant - 3 Pack

Size: Regular

Rotala macrandra var. 'Narrow Leaf'

Common Name: Rotala Magenta
Family Name: Lythraceae
Native To: India
Lighting: Medium to High
pH: 7.0
Growth Demands: Difficult
Growth Form: Stem
Growth Rate: Moderate
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Mid-ground
Available As: Bunch

Rotala Magenta is a more species of Rotala. It grows at a far slower rate than your common stem plant and its stems tend to be very delicate. R. macrandra is propogated from cuttings.

The intense red color offers a lovely contrast, especially with green myriophylum and egeria najas. It is a great mid-ground plant and creates a very nice focal point. The bottom leaves are susceptible to decay from lack of light, so it is best to plant the stems individually or in very small groups, 2-3 stems maximum. It also has a tendency to get algae on its leaves, so the tank need to be very clean.