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Cholla Aquarium Driftwood Tunnel

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Cholla Aquarium Driftwood is perfect for and commonly used in shrimp tanks. It is the dried husk of the Cholla Cactus. Cholla provides your shrimp with shelter and also stimulated bio-film growth. You can easily create a beautiful sunken log look by attaching various mosses, anubias, or java fern to your tunnel. 

We recommend boiling your wood prior to adding it to your tank to reduce the tannins from leaching. Tannins are natural and the effects will reduce over time. This method will also waterlog your Cholla log, allowing it to sink to the floor of your planted tank quickly.

This is a natural product so there is some variation in each piece. They are cut to approximately 12 inches in length and approximately 1.5-2 inches in diameter.