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Cichlid Aquatic Plant Pack

Size: Large Cichlid Plant Pack

The cichlid plant pack contains some of the best live aquatic plant options for your cichlid tank...especially if your cichlids like to help you aquascape with some scaping on their own :) This plant pack is also a great option if you have some other fish like goldfish that love to eat plants. 

This cichlid plant pack was designed with the help of our friend Erik over at @majesticcichlids

This cichlid plant pack features both anubias and java ferns. Each plant know for their thick leaves tend to be left alone by cichlids looking to take a bite out of your live plants. The best part about these plants is that if you cichlid does decide to uproot them, they will survive because both java ferns and anubias absorb their nutrients from the water column and not from the substrate. Both plants can also email be attached to any piece of hardscape. 

Large Cichlid Plant Pack

10 Java Ferns
5 Assorted Anubias
1 Java Fern Attached to Lava Rock
1 Anubias Attached to Lava Rock

Medium Cichlid Plant Pack

5 Java Ferns
2 Assorted Anubias
1 Anubias Attached to Lava Rock 

*Please note the picture contains additional hardscape that is not included in our pack. You can purchase hardscape HERE