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Crushed Ice Sagittaria (Sagittaria graminea 'Crushed Ice') 2" Potted Hardy Marginal Plant

Crushed Ice Sagittaria (Sagittaria graminea 'Crushed Ice') 2" Potted Hardy Marginal Plant

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Crushed Ice Sagittaria is a stunning hardy marginal pond plant that adds a touch of elegance to any water garden. This compact plant features slender, grass-like leaves that are a striking silvery-green color with a subtle white variegation, resembling crushed ice, hence its name. The leaves grow in dense clusters, creating a lush and vibrant appearance.


  • Hardy perennial plant suitable for zones 5-11.
  • Grows up to 12 inches tall, making it ideal for small to medium-sized ponds.
  • Thrives in full sun to part shade, requiring at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Adaptable to various water depths, making it versatile in pond designs.
  • Low maintenance plant that is easy to grow and propagate.
  • Provides oxygen and shelter for aquatic life, enhancing the ecological balance of your pond.
  • Adds visual interest with its unique color and texture, complementing other pond plants beautifully.

Planting Instructions:

  • Plant Crushed Ice Sagittaria in moist, loamy soil in containers placed in the pond at a depth of 2-6 inches.
  • Ensure the crown of the plant is above the soil level to prevent rotting.
  • Fertilize sparingly during the growing season to encourage healthy growth.
  • Trim back any dead or yellowing leaves to maintain a tidy appearance.
  • Divide overcrowded plants every few years to rejuvenate growth and prevent overcrowding.

Ideal for:

  • Water gardens
  • Ponds
  • Bog gardens
  • Container water gardens

Note: Crushed Ice Sagittaria is non-invasive and will not spread aggressively, making it a safe choice for most aquatic environments.

Hardiness zones: 5 - 11

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