Cryptocoryne Usteriana

Cryptocoryne usteriana

Common Name: Cryptocoryne usteriana
Family Name: Araceae
Native To: Philippines
Lighting: Medium
pH: 6-8
Growth Demands: Moderate 
Growth Form: Rosette
Growth Rate: Medium
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Background
Available As: Bare Root

Cryptocoryne usteriana is an exciting aquarium plant.  Cryptocoryne usteriana is one of the larger species of Cryptocorynes that makes for a stunning show piece in any aquarium tank.  Long leaves with hammered indentations make for an exciting texture to add to the aquascape.  The undersides of Cryptocoryne usteriana leaves are a reddish purple that increase the beauty of this species.  Cryptocoryne usteriana is an easy to moderate plant to grow tolerating harder water than many aquarium plant species.  Native to the Philippines Cryptocoryne usteriana has been a hard plant to find in many aquarium stores. Florida Aquatic Nurseries is now growing the aquarium plant Cryptocoryne usteriana.  It still might not be in every aquarium store but there is now a great source for it.