Cryptocorynes Becketti

Scientific name: Cryptocoryne beckettii
Common name: Beckett's cryptocoryne
Family: Araceae
Max height: 12 inches
Distribution: Asia; Sri Lanka
Placement in aquarium: Middleground, foreground
Lighting needs: Moderate to bright
pH: 6,5-7,5
True Aquatic:Yes
Plant Demand: Moderate

 The large leaves of this cryptocoryne are an interesting olive-green color that contrasts well with other plants. Once established, the thick, bushy plant produced from adventitious plantlets often looks best on its own in the foreground or with other cryptocorynes. A nutrient-rich and heated substrate will improve growth.

Cryptocoryne beckettii has been one of the most proven Cryptocoryne species for over 60 years. The culture corresponds to that of C. wendtii and is described in that species account.

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