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Cryptocorynes Mystery Aquatic Plant Pack

If you are crazy about crypts - this is the value pack for you!

Cryptocoryne (a member of the Araceae family) is one of the more popular plants in the hobby due to its beauty and low-maintenance personality. Once established, crypts will be one of the more hardy plants in your aquarium, with the ability to withstand a high range of lighting, pH, and temperatures.

WetPlants has a rotating cast of crypts in our inventory, ranging in various species. For that reason, we offer aquascapers a mystery pack of high-quality cryptocoryne aquatic plants. 

In this pack you will receive four unique crypt species (either bare root or potted) for $19.96. That's $4.99 per crypt, saving roughly $1-2 per crypt off the retail price.

Typical crypt packs will feature four of the following:

  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green
  • Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red
  • Cryptocoryne Undulata
  • Cryptocoryne Becketti
  • Cryptocoryne Parva
  • Cryptocoryne Spiralis
  • Cryptocoryne Lutea
  • and more

Due to this pack being based on inventory stock levels, we cannot accept requests for specific species.

Those who purchase multiple packs in the same week are highly likely to receive multiples of the same crypt species. However, we will do our best to diversify the multiple packs.

Crypt melt

It is not uncommon for aquarists to experience the dreaded Crypt melt with newly planted crypts. Crypt melt is the process of leaves turning yellow or brown, then becoming translucent before seemingly melting away from existence.

This phenomenon can occur for various reasons, but more often than not, it's just a matter of your new crypt adjusting to its new surroundings. Do not get discouraged, and definitely do not remove the plant! As long as the roots are strong, there is a high likelihood that new leaves will sprout and be stronger than ever.