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Java Fern Trident - 3 Pack

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Green, narrow-leaved, smaller form of Microsorum, which like other Microsorum is an easy and safe plant. ’Trident’ is both suitable for beginners, as well as the experienced scaper, and fits both smaller and larger aquariums. The name ’Trident’ tells that the plant leafs are tripartite, while the leaves can vary from whole to multipartite. Suitable for planting on stones or tree roots. When planted on the bottom layer, avoid covering the horizontal stalk. New, small plants are often created on the leaf tips, and can carefully be pulled off and planted. 

Common Name: Java Fern Trident
Family Name: Polypodiaceae
Native To: Indonesia
Lighting: High
pH: 6.0-7.5
Growth Demands: Low
Growth Form: Rhizome
Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate
True Aquatic:  Yes
Placement in Tan: Midground, Background