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Fissidens Nobilis on a Mat

Fissidens Nobilis on a Mat

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Fissidens Nobilis Moss (Fissidens nobilis), is a rarely seen Southeast Asian aquatic moss that is sometimes available for the freshwater aquarium set up.  This is a lush green, fluffy plant with palm-like stems that will attach to most surfaces and can grow into a large mat of impressive size.  Like many similar plants, it provides refuge for shrimp and fish fry and makes for a beautiful and useful grazing area for shrimps.  It is very slow-growing and requires low to moderate lighting and can be easily attached to driftwood and rockwork.

Common Name: Fissidens Nobilis Moss
Family Name: Fissidentaceae
Native To:  Southeast Asia
Lighting: low
pH: 5.0 -7.0
Growth Demands: Easy
Growth Form: Mat
Growth Rate: Slow
True Aquatic:  Yes
Placement in Tank: foreground, midground, background

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