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Growers Choice Tropical Water Lily 2 Pack

Color: Surprise Me!

Pond Plants will ship as early as next week unless otherwise requested. If you wish for us to ship at a later date, please indicate so in the order notes or reach out to us at

Discover these stunning Tropical Water Lilies and bring a vibrant touch of nature to your pond or water garden. Our unique 2 pack of these luscious plants will instantly elevate your outdoor space, leaving you feeling calm and inspired. Don't miss out on this opportunity to welcome a fresh and exotic floral scape!

Looking for a great deal? Awesome! Let us choose some tropical lily plants for you. Lilies are a pond plant favorite. All you have to do is choose your color! Lilies are not marked with their type. Each pack contains 2 tropical lilies.

Hardiness Zones: 9-11

Tropical Lily plants will need time to adjust. Your water lily will arrive bare root (only root and little to no foliage). When your lily arrives,  it may not appear to be lush but given time & proper care; your lilies will do great!