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Madagascar Lace Aponogeton

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Size: Small Bare Root

Madagascar lace plant, as it is commonly known, is one of the most ornate of all aquarium plants, is native to the island nation of Madagascar.  Aponogeton madagascariensis is knonw for its dark colored netted leaves and truly makes for a great focal point of any tank. Aponogeton madagascariensis are bulb plants and will sometimes go dormant to the bulb stage of the plant.  Just be patient and new leaves will begin to sprout. 

Common Name: Madagascar Lace Plant
Family Name: Aponogetonaceae
Native To: Madagascar
Lighting: Medium
pH: 6 - 8 
Growth Demands: Moderate
Growth Form: Upright Bulb
Growth Rate: Medium
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Mid - Background
Available As: Bare Root