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Madagascar Lace Aponogeton

Madagascar Lace Aponogeton

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Aponogeton madagascariensis (commonly known as Madagascar lace plant), is one of the most ornate of all aquarium plants. It is native to the island nation of Madagascar and is known for its dark green 'netted' leaves. It's striking appearance and ability to take over an aquascape will make this plant a great focal point of any tank. 

Aponogeton madagascariensis can be a demanding, high-maintenance plant. So we do not recommend this plant for beginners in the aquascaping hobby. It is a heavy root-feeder, so a very nutrient-rich substrate is recommended along with high lighting.  Regular maintenance is required as it has the ability to overtake the surface of your aquarium if you allow it to do so, blocking out the precious light from other aquarium plants.

Please note: Our Aponogeton madagascariensis are typically 5-12" tall when they are sold and shipped. The leaves are very sensitive to travel due to the sudden temperature swings. So leaf loss can be expected. However, as long as the bulb is still alive, the leaves will grow back very quickly and stronger than ever as the plant will be accustomed to your aquarium.

When planting an Aponogeton bulb, it's important to make sure the bulb is planted no more than 3/4 of the way into the substrate. If you completely bury the bulb, the bulb will rot and the plant will die. 


Common Name: Madagascar Lace Plant
Family Name: Aponogetonaceae
Native To: Madagascar
Lighting: High
pH: 6 - 8 
Growth Demands: High
Growth Form: Upright Bulb
Growth Rate: Fast
True Aquatic: Yes
Placement in Tank: Midground-Background
Available As: Bare Root 
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  • Hitchhiker Warning

    We recommend cleaning all plants before adding them to your tank. We regularly perform quality checks prior to shipping plants. However, we cannot guarantee our plants to be snail or hitchhiker-free. If you do not want to risk snails, please consider rinsing plants, conducting a bleach dip, or quarantining plants prior to adding them in your aquarium. Snails are a natural part of working with live plants.