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Mondo Dwarf

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Ophiopogon japonica var. 'Kyoto Dwarf'

Common Name: Dwarf Mondo Grass
Family Name: Liliaceae
Native To: Asia
Lighting: Medium
pH: 5 - 8
Growth Demands: Moderate
Growth Form: Upright
Growth Rate: Slow
True Aquatic: Terrarium Plant
Placement in Tank: Mid-Background
Available As: Bare Root

Ophiopogon Japonicus Nana is also known as the Dwarf Mondo Grass. This dwarf variety, only half the size of others Mondo Grass species. It creates a lush groundcover of dense, dark green, grass-like clumps.

Mondo grass isn't a true aquatic plant. Some use it as a live aquarium ornament because it can stay underwater for a month or more, it will eventually die in the tank. But Mondo grass is an excellent terrarium plant. It is suitable for use in both closed, sealed terrariums with high humidity and open-top terrariums with lower humidity.