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Mystery Tropical Pond Plants Pack

Size: Small/Container

Pond Plants will ship as early as next week unless otherwise requested. If you wish for us to ship at a later date, please indicate so in the order notes or reach out to us at

This Mystery Tropical Pond Plants Pack contains a selection of visually appealing, hardy tropical plants that are essential for the health of any aquatic ecosystem. Each pack includes lilies and other aquatic plants such as floating and marginal plants which are sure to thrive in your pond. This variety of plants will help to balance the pool, oxygenating the water and providing a natural filter system.

The pack everyone has been waiting for! Enjoy a surprise for your tropical pond (

Hardiness Zones: 9-11)  with some of our favorite pond plants. Each mystery tropical pond pack will contain the following:



1 Lily
2 Floating Plants
2 2" Potted Pond Plants


2 Lilies
6 Floating Plants
6 2" Potted Pond Plants