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Ocotopuswood Bonsai Tree Driftwood

Size: 6"

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The Octopuswood Bonsai Tree is a fun centerpiece handcrafted from fine driftwood. This variant of aquarium bonsai wood is unique in that each tree has pieces of driftwood draped over the front side, resembling tentacles from an octopus. 

Aquarium bonsai trees can be decorated with plants such as anubias, bucephlanadra, mosses, and other aquatic plants to create an underwater tree for your aquascape. It is sure to catch the eye and serve as a beautiful focal point for your aquarium. 

Bonsai trees are handcrafted, so you will receive a tree similar to the product photo - not the exact same tree.

Small: approximately 6" tall x 8 " long
Large: approximately 12" tall x 10" long