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Pacific Driftwood

Size: Small (4"-8")

Add some Pacific Driftwood to your aquascape! Pacific Driftwood is like your standard Malaysian Driftwood with a little more character, as its features are more dense, grooved, and smoothed.

Pacific driftwood creates a stunning natural environment that is great for both fish and plants. It has many uses and can be easily wrapped with moss, or planted with a java fern or an anubias. However you choose to implement it, it's sure to catch the eye of all spectators.

No two Pacific driftwood pieces are exactly the same. You will receive a random piece of aquarium driftwood  from our inventory.

Driftwood can leech tannins into the water, which may cause your aquarium water to turn a slight yellow or brown tint. Don't worry, this is natural and the effects will reduce over time! Boiling the wood prior to use can decrease this effect. 

Make sure you boil the driftwood in a pot of water for approximately 1-2 hours before placing in your aquarium. This will help sanitize the foreign object before introducing it to your fish, as well as help it sink to the bottom faster.

Driftwood may take a few days to sink to the bottom. This is normal. Once the driftwood is fully waterlogged, it will sink to the bottom.