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Red Aquatic Plant Pack

Size: 5-Pack

There is nothing more stunning in the aquascaping hobby than a vibrant red plant standing out in your aquarium.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of red in your otherwise predominantly green aquascape, or you're looking for a sea of red plants for your fish to swim through - the Red Aquatic Plant Pack has exactly what you need.

The contents of this pack will vary based on availability in our inventory. Possible red plants MAY include Ludwigia sp. 'Super Red', Alternanthera reineckii, Rotala Macandra, Tiger Lotus bulb, Cryotpcorynes Wendtii Red, and others in our red plant collection. Requests for specific plants may not be accommodated.


In this pack you will receive 5 individual red plants (1 bunch = 1 plant). An example of a 5-Pack could be: 1 Ludwigia Peruensis bunch, 1 Melon Red Sword Plant, 1 Limnophila Hippuroides bunch, 1 Rotala Wallichii bunch, and 1 Tiger Lotus bulb.


In this pack you will receive a totall of 10 plants, with at least 5 unique types of red plants (1 bunch = 1 plant). Receiving multiples of the same plant should be expected. An example of a 10-Pack could be: 2  Ludwigia sp. 'Super Red' bunches, 2 Ammania Gracilis, 1 Rotala Macrandra bunch, 1 Pogostemon Stellatus Broadleaf bunch, 2 Cryptocorynes Wendtii Red, 1 Melon Red Sword plant, and 1 Temple Scarlet.

Note: For many of these plants, your aquarium will need strong lighting in order to achieve the brightest of reds. Please make sure your tank set-up has strong lighting and rich nutrients for best results.