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Ricchia Fluitans

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Size: Portion Cup

Riccia fluitans (crystalwort) is a small, fast-growing aquatic plant that can thrive in a wide range of tank conditions. When healthy and in optimal conditions, Riccia has a beautiful bright green look.

Riccia is grown as a floating plant, but like mosses, is often tied down to driftwood and aquarium stone. It can also make a great carpet plant when tied down to a metal mat. Unlike mosses, Riccia will not grip itself to hard surfaces, so it's best to tie it down.

Over time, it will create a long, bushy look that will need to be trimmed. Outside of a regular trimming, Riccia maintenance is easy and straightforward.

pH: Between 6-8.
Lighting: Moderate to High
Growth Rate: Fast
CO2: Optional