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Sensitive Fern Giant

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Giant Sensitive Fern is a beautiful yellow flowering floating plant that is great for natural filtration. This giant plant can spread between 6-8 feet. Each plant will make 1 yellow flower puff. One of our favorite things about this plant is that it can be trained to go up rocks or free-floating. 

Scientific Name: Sensitive Fern Giant ‘Botswana Wonder'(Aeschynomene fluitans)
Height: Up to 5"
Plant Spread: 6' - 8'
Bloom Time: Summer
Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Hardiness Zones: 9-11
Planting Instructions: Float freely in the water. 
Fertilizer: Takes up nutrients from the water. Typically does not need additional fertilizer. 
Plant Maintenance: Trim or prune as leaves and flowers begin to turn yellow or brown and remove.