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Spike Rush (Eleocharis montevidensis) 2" Potted Hardy Marginal Plant

Spike Rush (Eleocharis montevidensis) 2" Potted Hardy Marginal Plant

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Bring a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your pond with the Spike Rush (Eleocharis montevidensis). Also known as Sand Spikerush, this hardy marginal plant features slender, upright stems topped with distinctive spikelets, adding a vertical element to your aquatic garden.


  • Hardy and Vigorous: Spike Rush is a resilient plant that thrives in various water conditions, making it an excellent choice for ponds and water features.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, Spike Rush requires minimal care, making it perfect for busy pond enthusiasts.
  • Natural Filtration: Like all aquatic plants, Spike Rush helps improve water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and providing oxygen.
  • Habitat for Wildlife: Its dense growth provides shelter for fish and other aquatic creatures, enhancing the biodiversity of your pond ecosystem.

Planting Instructions:

  • Plant Spike Rush in shallow water (up to 6 inches deep) in a sunny to partially shaded area.
  • Use a heavy loam soil or aquatic planting medium to secure the plant in place.
  • Trim back any dead or decaying foliage regularly to promote healthy growth.

Ideal for:

  • Pond Borders: Create a natural-looking border around your pond or water feature with the graceful foliage of Spike Rush.
  • Water Gardens: Enhance the beauty of your water garden with the vertical accents provided by this stunning plant.
  • Natural Ponds: Add a touch of greenery to natural ponds while providing valuable habitat for wildlife.

Note: Spike Rush can spread quickly under the right conditions. Consider planting it in a container to control its growth if desired.

Hardiness zones: 3 - 11

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