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Starter Package

Tank Size: 10 - 20 Gallon

This true aquatic Starter Package is great for beginners. These durable plants are easy to maintain and great for low light aquarium setups. Each package contains aquatic plants that are great for beginners or someone just looking to rescape their tank. 

10-20 Gallon Package

1 Anubias
2 Java Ferns
2 Crypt Wendtii Green
2 Myrio Green
1 Java Moss Portion Cup


25+ Gallon Package

2 Anubias
3 Crypt Wendtii Green
5 Sagittaria dwarf
3 Java Fern
2 Bacopa
2 Bucephalandra
2 Myrio Green
1 Java Moss Portion Cup

*Please note: Due to availability, some items may be substituted for similar plants