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Stem Mystery Plant Pack

Stem Mystery Plant Pack

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Stem plants are bunches of fun! Seriously though, aquatic stem plants are a very popular option to add to the midground and background of your aquascape. They are fast growing plants who's trimmings are easy to propagate. With proper light, nutrients, and care - one bunch can lead to a lush bush of aquatic stems.

In this pack you will receive a random assortment of aquatic plant bunches based on what we have readily available in our inventory. 

Our Standard Pack is geared towards set-ups with at least moderate light. It will feature a random assortment of easy-to-moderate stem plant bunches that will thrive in most settings.

  • The Standard Stem 4-Pack will feature four different plants per pack. An example 4-pack might include Moneywort, Red Ludwigia, Giant Baby Tears, and Myrio Green bunches.
  • The Standard Stem 8-Pack will feature five to six different plants per pack, with duplicates included. An example 8-Pack might 2 Dark Red Ludwigia, 2 Bacopa, Scarlet Temple, Hornwort, Pennywort, and Rotala Indica bunches.

We cannot takes requests for specific plants, but let us know in the order notes if you'd like us to gear your stem pack towards low-light or high-light set-ups. We will accommodate your request as best as we can.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you accept your plants on the first delivery attempt and find that they did not survive the shipment, please take a photo of the deceased plants within 12 hours of delivery, and, submit a claim by clicking HERE. Please have the email you completed the purchase with and your order number ready. When prompted, please select 'Damaged' as your reason. 

  • Hitchhiker Warning

    We recommend cleaning all plants before adding them to your tank. We regularly perform quality checks prior to shipping plants. However, we cannot guarantee our plants to be snail or hitchhiker-free. If you do not want to risk snails, please consider rinsing plants, conducting a bleach dip, or quarantining plants prior to adding them in your aquarium. Snails are a natural part of working with live plants.