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Tiger Wood Drift Wood

Size: 14 - 16"

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Tigerwood is a unique driftwood that makes for a beautiful centerpiece for larger aquariums. 

Tigerwood driftwood experiences a tree-like growth, as it grows out from one central location. Each piece of tigerwood is unique and complex in design but follows this general overall structure. No piece of tigerwood driftwood is identical. And so you will receive a unique piece that follows a general structure.


The tigerwood driftwood can serve as an anchor for various plants, such as Anubis, java moss, java ferns, and more. The result is a beautifully crafted underwater tree for your aquarium that catches the eye.


Tigerwood is not harmful to fish - in fact, they’ll like it! They’ll enjoy swimming around the branches and also provide different places to hide.


We recommended rinsing and pre-soaking any piece of tigerwood before placing it in your aquarium. Larger pieces may sink to the bottom right away; whereas smaller pieces may float for a few days before becoming water-logged and sink down to the substrate. For quicker sinkage, try boiling the water for 20-30 minutes.


Our tigerwood driftwood is 100% real driftwood. Available in large and extra-large sizes.