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Variegated Giant Reed (Arundo donax) 2" Potted Hardy Marginal Plant

Variegated Giant Reed (Arundo donax) 2" Potted Hardy Marginal Plant

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Add a touch of elegance and height to your pond with the Variegated Giant Reed (Arundo donax). This hardy marginal pond plant features striking green and white striped foliage that creates a beautiful contrast against the water. Its tall, bamboo-like stems can reach heights of up to 10 feet, making it a stunning focal point in any pond or water garden.

The Variegated Giant Reed is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a practical purpose in your pond ecosystem. Its dense root system helps to stabilize the soil, reducing erosion along pond banks. Additionally, this plant provides valuable habitat for aquatic wildlife, offering shelter and protection for fish and other pond inhabitants.

Easy to grow and maintain, the Variegated Giant Reed thrives in full sun to partial shade and can tolerate a variety of soil types. It is a hardy plant that can withstand a range of temperatures, making it suitable for ponds in a variety of climates.

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your pond with the Variegated Giant Reed. Order yours today and enjoy its beauty for years to come!

    Planting Instructions:

    • Plant in moist soil or shallow water at the edge of the pond
    • Ensure the plant's crown is at or slightly below the water level
    • Water regularly to keep the soil or planting medium moist
    • Trim back any dead or damaged foliage as needed
      Hardiness zones: 5 - 10
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