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Water Hawthorne Bulbs

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Water Hawthorn loves cool weather and does best n temperatures of 32 -  75 degrees Fahrenheit. Yay! Finally, a northern plant! This bulb produces small, white flowers and has a beautiful vanilla scent when in bloom. Bulbs will perish in warm temperatures. Not suited for locations where the temperate is 90 degrees for an extended period of time. 

Scientific Name: Aponogeton distachys
Plant Height: Blooms are an inch or two above the water's surface
Plant Width: 2-3' spread
Plant Sunlight Requirements: Full sun to full shade
Moisture Needs: Must be planted in water 6 inches to 30 inches deep. 
Bloom Time: (Any time the water 32 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit) Loves cool water!
Hardiness Zones:3-7