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Water Lettuce

Amount: 1 Water Lettuce

Pond Plants will ship as early as next week unless otherwise requested. If you wish for us to ship at a later date, please indicate so in the order notes or reach out to us at

Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratioes), is a floating pond plant that is great for naturally increasing filtration and works well in shady ponds. Water lettuce has a ribbed and velvety texture and ranges in color from light green to lime green and looks very much like a head of cabbage. The roots of water lettuce are submersed and feathery making it ideal for natural filtration. 

Size: Horizontal up to 12"
Growing Light: Partial to full shade
Water Depth: Floating
USDA Hardiness Zones: 9-11

This plant cannot be shipped to AL, CA, CT, FL, SC, TX, or WI. If you place an order for it we will send a substitute plant.