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Best Plants for Axolotls

Have you been wondering what the best live plants to put in your axolotl tank are? We’ve got you covered! Just like any aquarium animal, axolotls can benefit greatly from having live plants in their tank (for more information about the general benefits of adding live plants to your aquarium, check out this post). That said, there are still some factors to keep in mind when choosing plants specifically for axolotls. Continue reading below for a list of live aquarium plants that are good choices for axolotl tanks and why!

Java Fern

Java Ferns make an excellent mid- or background plant for axolotl tanks. Their tall, green leaves provide a great shaded hiding place for axolotls who tend to enjoy their privacy. These plants also thrive in cooler waters with dim lighting, making them perfect for axolotl tanks.

Java Moss

Java Moss can survive in a wide variety of aquarium conditions, including those required for your axolotl tank. This plant will provide a nice, soft carpeting for your aquarium with little maintenance required, and your axolotl will definitely appreciate the texture for their sensitive feet! 

Vallisneria Jungle

This fast-growing, grassy plant provides a great background for your axolotl tank. The tall grass-like blades that grow from this plant will be great for your axolotl to run through and hide in. Keep in mind that Vallisneria grows fast and tall, so it will need to be trimmed somewhat frequently.

Dwarf Hairgrass

This plant is versatile and resilient, thriving in a variety of conditions and making an excellent choice for your axolotl tank. It stays relatively short, making it a good choice for the foreground of your aquarium and providing a few hiding spots for your axolotl. 

Anubias Nana

Similarly to dwarf hairgrass, anubias nana can grow in practically any aquarium conditions. Their dark green leaves only grow to be around 5 inches tall, and are not sturdy enough for your axolotl to climb, while also providing a hiding spot.


Hornwort makes an excellent background plant for your axolotl tank. It grows tall and typically fast, although the cooler conditions required for your axolotl are likely to slow down growth. Its soft texture is great for axolotls, and it provides added water filtration!

We hope the above list is helpful as you begin to think about adding live plants to your axolotl tank. Though your axolotl is likely to try munching on most of these plants, none of them are poisonous or harmful to it. Follow any of the links to the individual plants!