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Floating Pond Plants

We are actively working behind the scenes to get our pond plant section up and running. While we don't have them currently listed on site we have a stunning selection of hardy and tropical lilies, lotus, hardy and tropical marginal plants, surface, and oxygenating plants. Email us for more information.

Floating pond plants are amongst the easiest plants to add to any pond. As long as you have a couple inches of water, you can just float them on the surface of your pond. 

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Duckweed from $6.99
Red Root Floater
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Red Root Floater from $7.99
American Frogbit
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American Frogbit from $6.99
Water Hyacinth
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Water Hyacinth from $5.99
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Salvinia from $6.99
Water Lettuce
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Water Lettuce from $5.99
Hornwort Jumbo Box $199.99 $249.99