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Great Aquatic Plants for Beginners

Just getting started with your first aquarium plants? Check out these great options!
Amazon Swordplant from $5.75 $5.99
Starter Package from $49.99 $59.92
Java Moss
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Java Moss from $7.49 $9.99
Micro Sword
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Micro Sword from $7.99
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Watersprite from $7.99
Java Fern
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Java Fern $7.99
Anubias Nana
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Anubias Nana from $9.49
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Moneywort from $7.99
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Pennywort from $7.99
Ludwigia Dark Red
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Ludwigia Dark Red from $7.99
Anubias Nancon
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Anubias Nancon from $9.49